Function Better Physical Therapy is a privately-run outpatient orthopedic practice with a mission to provide the most skilled and compassionate care for our patients. Our clinicians utilize a hands-on, evidence-based treatment approach that focuses on helping you, as a whole, not just your condition. During your initial visit, you are taken through a comprehensive evaluation of up to 60 minutes. From there, a specific treatment program is created that is designed to help you feel better and start the process of restoring you back to full function. Our treatment plans are specific and individualized to your needs so that you can be safely progressed under a skilled clinician’s supervision. Since the majority of you will arrive with a goal of returning to work, home activities or recreational activities without any limitations as soon as possible, we like to incorporate functional strengthening within our treatments, with less focus on machines, to accelerate this process. We value your time and in order to provide you with the best care in the area, we pride ourselves on offering one-on-one care, as often as possible, in a fun and genuine atmosphere for each and every one of you. We understand that no 2 people are completely alike and therefore a great deal of time will be spent educating you about your condition and the risk factors that will affect your recovery. The ultimate goal upon discharge is that you have not only learned how to independently manage your condition going forward, but that you have also adopted a healthier and more productive lifestyle in the process because “When you feel better, you Function Better.”

We Treat You, Compassionately, Individually, As A Whole Person… Taking Into Account Your Life… Not Just Your Condition.

Function Better has done a great job rehabilitating my shoulder. Experienced & Professional staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!! THE BEST!!!!
Bob S
Absolutely the best place I have ever been for therapy. They are hands on and help u reach your goals. Definitely recommend going there therapy.
Cindy W
Truly grateful for Function Better Physical Therapy, especially my PT and every single PTA that has been working with me this far. I would not be where I am today without you. Each encouraging, inspiring, motivational and positive thought to keep trying even on the hardest days has been such a blessing.
Lena K
Function Better Physical Therapy in Washington Mills on Kellogg Rd are the best; kind and wonderful staff...patient and understanding and willing to help at anytime. I recommend the Washington Mills location of Function Better to anyone.
David J
My friend Loretta came to Function Better in Herkimer after her knee replacement. They were a tremendous help, knowledgeable and caring. They noticed weakness in her right shoulder which led to a diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff, inoperable. They helped her build strength. She continues to come after recent spinal surgery, looking forward to each visit for the physical benefits, the positive atmosphere and the friendships she has built there.
Darryl G
Function Better Herkimer is a great facility with Professional staff offering excellent assistance with all your needs to achieve a healthy healing and reach and maintain your goals. They are invested in your care and make you feel like you are part of the family of Function Better. They are determined to help you become successful with your progress. I truly appreciate the help I have received and am so grateful for my Therapist and all the knowledge and understanding she has shared with me. Thank you Cecilee Cashman 😊
Karen M
The Herkimer Function Better Physical Therapy office on route 28 is amazing!!! Amazing staff they are working amazingly with my grand daughter and their medical and therapy knowledge is beyond words!! thank you to the great staff you are all awesome!!!!
Deb B
Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, competent and flexible with schedules. They are patient with those who can be difficult. My husband and I have both used their services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs therapy.
Anna L
I cannot begin to say what great Physical Therapists I had at the Function Better Facility on Culver Ave. Kevin, Kyle and Amanda helped me recover from a broken femur. They made me feel very comfortable. They were so compassionate especially when I first started as I was only 50% weight bearing and was afraid to stand on my leg. They were able to schedule my appointments when it was convenient to get there. I have also recommended them to other people. In fact two other people I know were also patients there. I love these 3 people. They have become like family to me now. I love the facility. It is so clean
Lorrie M
Dr Joe really took the time to thoroughly evaluate my difficulty, and the entire team designed and implemented a program with my needs and goals in mind. I'm greeted by name each time I walk in the door, and asked how I'm feeling. Highly recommended!
Melinda S
I first saw Dr. Joe back in October for what I thought would be the end of my running career. I couldn't even run a 3 mile cross country race with out my calves being in excruciating pain. The weird thing was that after 20 minutes of resting the pain would go away, something not consistent with most calf injuries. I messaged Dr. Joe on his website and he came to my school THE NEXT DAY. After talking for over an hour he knew exactly what it was Chronic compartment syndrome. Joe wasted no time and contacted an orthopedic surgeon, getting me an appointment the following week. As some of you may know it's very very difficult to get important appointments within a couple days, but Dr. Joe knew how much this issue was bothering me and got me in immediately. I was diagnosed officially after a pressure test that it was in fact chronic compartment syndrome. I got my right leg surgery on December 5th then my left leg surgery on January 23rd. I finished physical therapy with joe the second week of April. Last week on June 13th I ran an ENTIRE MARATHON. 26.2 miles. 8 months ago I couldn't even run 3. I felt zero pain in my calves not even typical running soreness. Dr. Joe's group not only provided me rehabilitation but also gave my very important corrective work that has changed my running for FOREVER. I also had issues with over pronation and collapsed arches. Both issues I no longer have due to the extensive corrective work I did at Dr. Joe's facility in herkimer. Running went from a painful sport to now one of my favorite things. Due to Dr. Joe and his employees I have no limits to what activity I can accomplish. I never thought I'd run a marathon 5 MONTHS AFTER SURGERY. I give my utmost recommendation to any function better facility. Dr. Joe is the best around here, I guarantee anyone will have a positive, life changing experience here.
Madison H
Top notch therapists with state of the art equipment. A super caring environment with a staff who works hard to help you reach your goals.
Kim E
I went to function better, all three of their locations in herkimer, and they were very knowledgeable of what was going on with my hands, I have and will always recommend them to anybody that needs physical therapy they.are the best!!
Paula C
When I came here two weeks ago, I was in agony with my left leg. Drs Say it is sciatica. After three visits with the therapist, I feel 75% better than when I first started. The Dr. here is a very smart and caring person, and I thank him with my heart.
Kathleen H.
PT at Function Better was very convenient because of its location. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and listened to me well to help address the issues. I loved that it was combined with Studio 55 so that we could work toward getting back into the classes I like to take.
Lynn H.
I can control my pain by exercising my back & neck. Good experience. Thank you!
My initial visit demonstrated a pain level of 4-6 dependent on activities. After PT & home exercise, that level has dropped to a comfortable and tolerable 0-1. Dr. Kevin took the time to explain the mechanics, and to develop a home exercise plan that helped to alleviate the pain.
Joe B.
My experience at Function Better was enjoyable & very helpful. Dr. Smith was informative about my condition and the exercises he gave me to do at home. My knee does not bother me now, and I am able to get in my car, go up & down stairs, and just walk without thinking about my knee.
Arlene S.
Function Better has accommodated me with superior treatment. The therapy was extremely beneficial, providing me with through analysis, guidance, and support. We corrected the issues I initially developed as well as attained the necessary measures to prevent future relapses and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Great experience, Thank You!
Natasha D.
Very impressed with the thouroughness of treatment & explinations. Great progress. Will reccomend to others!
Pat E.
I had a great experience, the therapist was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.
Stephanie T.
The tools and therapy allowed me to reach goals that I have not reached in years. Dr. Kevin Smith is full of information that has allowed me to gain my life back. Thank you for a great experience. I highly recommend Function Better to all my friends and family.
Debbie B.
I came to Function Better and was in alot of pain and had trouble walking. Kevin was very friendly and helpful. He showed me some exercises that immediately helped the pain and my walking. After several weeks of appointments, I was back to feeling 100%. I left with the knowledge of knowing what to do to help prevent this injury from coming back. Would gladly go back again if any sort of problem came about. This was an excellent experience during a very painful one. Thanks again for all your help.
Kim A
Function Better definitely lives up to its name! I have been surprised and delighted at the diagnosis & treatment – My quality of life has improved dramatically, as well as my confidence & self-esteem. Now I can continue with the exercises & go forward with the assurance that I have the tools to manage any pain, stiffness, or discomfort.
Jo Y.
I had a very good experience. The staff was awesome, friendly, attentive & caring. They were always trying new ways to alleviate my problem. Appt times were prompt, so you could be in and out. I would & have recommended Function Better to friends.
Carol B.
Always felt very welcome and was listened too when I had a lot of pain. Very friendly staff and clean environment. I never thought my neck & back were going to feel the same, but now they do.
Caryne D.
Very enjoyable, help me out alot, very friendly. Took the time to make sure my goals were met.
Mark G.
When I first arrived I was in substantial discomfort. Kevin worked with me to not only alleviate the pain but also come up with exercises & stretches so I could work at home. Now I can try and fix my low back issues before it gets too bad. The stretches & techniques he showed me are easy to do at home/work and make an immediate difference. I feel confident that if an issue arises I can take steps to solve it by myself. He also showed me better mechanics if I need to lift a load or do some yard work. I feel that the Utica site is professional and well staffed and very accommodating to my scheduling needs.
Dan S.

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