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Dr. Joe Martin Reviews

"Dr. Joe Martin has progressed me fast and has gotten me back to the strength I need to return to collegiate football. I will tell all of my friends in school to use Dr. Martin. I thank him from the bottom of my heart"
-Spencer Lasker, Collegiate Football Athlete

"Joe: I wanted to follow up and express my full thanks for your recent help. I left my regular family physician with them telling me, "Here's a prescription, but I don't see you running a marathon in a month." It took 2 years of trying, 2,300+ training miles and 3 full marathons to qualify for Boston. Needless to say, I had a lot invested in fulfilling that goal. When the first answer I got back from you was basically, "There's no time to waste, let's get to work on you", I knew I went to the right place. It made all the difference to have a medical professional who is sports-minded and understood the goal of getting back in shape for this event. This race was the once in a lifetime experience I thought it would be, marred only by the tragic events that unfolded after I finished. The bottom line is, a month ago there was serious doubt that I'd even be able to toe the starting line, and you helped get me there and to a respectable finish. Please accept my sincere thanks and pass the same on to Dan and Mike.Thank you."
-RB, Patient, Marathon Competitor

"Coming to Dr. Joe Martin was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is the reason that I feel so good today. Dr. Martin is extremely enthusiastic about his work and truly has a passion for what he does. The knowledge he has is exponential and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me."
-David Chirco, Collegiate Football and Baseball Athlete.

"Dr. Joe Martin is the best Physical Therapist I have ever been around. His assets include honesty, knowledge, and care. He is a pleasure to do business with."
-Sulejman Jasarbegovic, Recreational Basketball Athlete

"I have known Joe for most of my life. He is an extraordinary individual who is highly motivated and committed to his clients and his profession. Joe is a visionary and an entrepreneur with enough resourcefulness to solve almost any problem. Joe's success comes as no surprise and I have enjoyed seeing him positively impact the lives of so many people."
-John Pumilio, Director of Sustainability-Environmental Services

"Dr. Martin has done outstanding work for his clients. The knowledge, care, and consideration he demonstrates on a daily basis is exceptional and I would recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy."
-Nelson Rudiak

"Dr. Joe has a phenomenal approach to PT that goes beyond the expected. He delves into areas of life that have a direct and indirect impact on your rehabilitation and overall health and well being."
-Anthony Colon, Language, Cultural Competence, and Business Community Consultant

"I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Martin as a client of mine with Alter G. Dr. Martin is very progressive in his treatment approach with his patients. He has invested in significant training, time, and financial outlay to provide top of the line equipment and techniques for his patients. Dr. Martin is a solid physical therapy provider"
-Michael Autodore, Regional Account Manager, Alter G

"Joe is a hard-working and knowledgeable professional who cares deeply about his client's success."
-Sue Synakowski, Assistant Superintendent

"Dr. Joe and his staff at Function Better have rehabilitated my daughter and I through several injuries--both work and sports related. Dr. Joe is very personable, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I highly recommend him."
-Elizabeth DeGironimo

"Joe is a knowledgeable business owner who goes the extra mile for his clients. He strives to teach overall health and wellness whether it's through physical therapy services, personal training, nutrition, or amazing group fitness classes. Studio55 will also be adding the INSANITY workout to its other amazing classes. I am a member of his gym/wellness center myself. I also refer many of my patients in my practice to Joe for injury assessments, physical therapy, and return to play goals for school aged children. I trust the knowledge of Joe and his staff completely and have even referred my own son for PT with great results!!"
-Michelle Gorski, Family Nurse Practitioner

"Dr. Joe Martin is a very upstanding and well-respected member of the communities within which he lives and works. Not only does he care deeply about his patients, clients, and employees, Dr. Martin is also committed to his family and community. He has the unique ability to empathize with so many people, that anyone seeking Dr. Joe's advice and care will be greatly satisfied. A very giving, caring man who always follows through on his word with his patients and with those he meets. His positive outlook serves him well not only in his career, but also in his family life as evidenced by the joy and genuineness when seeing them together."
-Jim Betro, Owner, Vindigni & Betro, PLLC

"A resourceful, energetic guy, who is quick to understand where you need help, what your goals are, and will provide you with the desired results without delay. You can find no better than JM"
-Boyd Bissell, President, Heidelberg Baking Company

"Dr. Joe continues to be a recognized leader in providing both physical therapy and fitness initiatives for residents in the Mohawk Valley. Dr. Joe goes above and beyond to make sure your goals for recovery and fitness are met. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly respected for providing exceptional service. My family has had the opportunity to train with Joe as well as utilize his expertise after an injury. I would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Joe."
-Susan Castilla, Business Owner, Integrative Experience

"I have gone to Joe on several occasions and always had a positive result!! I would highly recommend him and his services-you will not be disappointed."
-Melissa Howell, Owner Trendsetters Hair Salon and Howell Photography

"Dr. Joe is compassionate, caring, and motivational. He is a Doctor that is passionate about his work and determined to see each of his patients on the road to recovery. Most importantly, Dr. Joe LISTENS to his patients and HEARS what they say."
-Laura Cicigline, Finance Administrative Officer, Payroll Oneida County

"Dr. Joe Martin is an excellent manager of a successful physical therapy practice and sports and activity oriented facility. As a well trained physical therapist and passionate business man, he brought a lot of energy into a local company, of which I am Medical Director, for their Greatest Loser" program and Employee Fitness Program. I can vouch for the fact that it was fun, informative, and a great success; I know because my wife and I were both participants who benefited greatly. Thanks Joe!"
-Dr. Richard Chmielewski, DO

"I had physical therapy with Dr. Joe Martin for posture but mostly for my balance. I fell several times and because of this it was very hard for me to leave my house. When I first started therapy I wasn't able to do one exercise. I had been in and out of bed for 3 years due to my Spinal Stenosis. My body and my legs were very weak. I had back surgery and needed physical therapy. Dr. Joe Martin was very patient and made an exercise program for all my needs. Today, I can do all of the exercises and no more falling. My balance is excellent now. Thank you Dr. Martin for all your help. A whole new world has been opened up for me."
-Elaine Furgol, Community Senior

"Joe has shown a good deal of knowledge and professionalism while interacting with his clients with a friendly, warm, and personal touch. He is in tune with his clients needs and listens to them well. He manages to have a good rapport and is adept to helping clients move along in their therapy to achieve good results."
-Bernadette Sierak, Patient

"I started with Dr. Joe 3 months ago as my left femur was broken and shattered; I was totally non-weightbearing. With the excellent therapy I have received, I am now walking with a cane. I am more than satisfied with the rate of my progress. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Martin where and when I have the opportunity."
-Sharon Rowan, Patient

"Hello Joe. Hope You are doing well. I recommend you all the time. Keep up the great work."
- Rudolph Buckley, MD, MBA, Spine Surgeon

"Dr. Joe Martin has a way of motivating and supporting individuals in attaining their personal goals. He is continuously striving to improve not only the accommodations and services of his business but in himself as well. He never ceases to amaze me in how his determination to offer a variety of options for his clients. Dr. Joe Martin not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He supports his instructors not only as a supervisor but as an instructor himself. I believe he has shown his staff and clients that he truly believes in his work by not only creating a successful establishment but by the way he continuously strives to take on new challenges. He is not a supervisor who sits back and watches, he is a certified instructor and teaches classes as well. He pushes and motivates his clients to push their limits and succeed in their goals!"
- Shannon Wheet, Client

" Joe is a very energetic, ambitious entrepreneur with a distinct vision of health and well being. He is very experienced as a Physical Therapist and has an immense client list of all ages and types. Joe frequently offers promotional specials including free classes and many events for charitable causes. On the whole, he is a kind hard working and motivated individual with am immense desire for his goal of educating fitness and health."
- Anne DeRose, Client

" I had the privilege of working with Joe in a business advisement role at SUNYIT and found him to be a great visionary in the physical therapy industry. He has done an excellent job of redefining the business with his focus in the sports endurance industry."
- Gene Yelle, Marketing Specialist

" Joe knows his stuff! He is honest and hard working in addition. I highly recommend him. "
- Anthony Campione, Owner-Campione Water Co

" Joe is very professional in his work with his patients. He listens to the patients. Sometimes MD's do not have the time to fully listen to complaints or symptoms. Joe takes the time. He is a special person."
-Susan Misiaszek, Colleague, Client

" Dr. Joe was recommended to me by my niece, who is also in the field of Physical Therapy, but lives out of the area. I had sustained an injury playing volleyball, and was under the impression I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. However, upon my initial evaluation by Joe, he was quite certain my injury was something different. (He could explain this way better than I, but I am giving it the old non-medical layman's terms try!) Upon further evaluation and therapy sessions, Joe and his assistants were able to get me back to the sport I love to play in a matter of weeks, not months. I should say though that I was not released from physical therapy and allowed to play again until Joe was very certain that I was stable and healthy enough to participate once more. Every time I entered Function Better's facility, I was greeted in a friendly manner. I felt that all three of the professionals in Joe's office knew the extent of my injury and worked together to evaluate my progress and suggest new exercises, stretches, and techniques that would enhance my recovery. My appointments always started on time, and the environment was conducive to an upbeat atmosphere. Joe even went so far as to recommend different, more effective footwear that should hopefully prevent my injury from reoccurring. I have been back in action on the volleyball court since December, 2012, and have felt great ever since. Thanks, Dr. Joe!"
-Mary Zarnoch-Riley, Patient

" Joe is a great person and very friendly to work with, which makes it a pleasure to go to therapy. His commitment to making sure you are better than ever and healthy are bar none and he is always up to date in his field making sure you get the best care"
-Joseph Hobaica, Patient

"I know Joe by reputation as a committed professional Physical Therapist. He has the ability to motivate his patients and clients to achieve their maximum potential"
-Peter M. Hobaica, LLC Attorney

"I remember shooting and editing a TV program for Joe's company Function Better. I was impressed by the command of knowledge he has in his field. But beyond that, I could tell Joe cares about helping people!"
- Brian Moonan, Video Production

"Dr. Joe is an aggressive hard working individual who continually strives to excell in all aspects of his business."
- Jack Maurer, Sales Manager, Park Outdoor Advertising

"I had physical therapy with Dr. Joe Martin for some strength and sensitivity issues in my left arm after an accident. He was very thorough when it came to diagnosing the problem. My whole experience with him and his staff was outstanding. It was a very friendly and caring environment. I thank Dr. Joe from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the best physical therapy a person could ask for. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE! I promise you will not be disappointed with the care he provides. He truly has a special gift in everything he does. It was a true pleasure to be treated by such a superb professional."
-Alexandra Roberts, Patient

"Joe Martin has a great deal to do with my current health after multiple major surgeries ranging from shoulder repair, two bicep reattachments, two hip resurfaces and four elbow surgeries. At 51 years of age, thanks to Joe and some talented Physicians I am still very active and in amazing shape for my age considering my history. Joe has been able to find answers and techniques to work around my injuries and limitations in order to bring me beyond just coping with life altering afflictions. Thanks to Joe's knowledge and perseverance I still go to the gym and lead a very active life. "
-CW, Patient

"Having worked for Dr. Joe Martin as a fitness instructor, I had no reservations about contacting him for his expertise regarding a lower back condition that I had recently been facing. Dr. Martin went above and beyond to consult with me via email as I live an hour away. He scheduled time to consult with me in person at my convenience, assessed my condition and also assisted with locating treatment in my area that was comparable to his treatment philosophy. Whenever I have questions, Dr. Martin is available to give his professional opinion and backs up his practice with research and experience. My recovery has led me back to the activities that I love so much. I would so very highly recommend Dr. Joe Martin and the Function Better treatment team!"
-Deena Patrick, Patient

"Function better- Studio 55 is in my opinion, the best facility of its kind in the Utica area. I am from the NYC area, and for years have worked out and taught as an instructor in state of the art gyms in that area. I have never experienced that type of power packed excitement in a gym facility in the central New York region, that is, until STUDIO 55 came to the area. Its not a cramped, smelly, overcrowded facility, but a classy and pleasant facility with many smiling faces. And their physical therapists are devoted lovely people who really care about what they are doing. Oh, lets not forget the equipment, the instructors, and. Dr.Joe Martin himself who is a very talented, highly knowledgeable, & positive human being. I love this place!
-Annie Butterworth, Client

"The results of Joe's core exercises have given me a new sense of energy. The results of his training has been very helpful to my energy level while playing sports with my young kids; and with more core strength my lower back does not hurt anymore. "
-John Winter, Patient

Dr. Joseph Martin believes in reaching out and helping others. He is a very positive, goal - driven, educated man. He is also my boss. We share the same passion for fitness and believe in helping others achieve a better quality of life. What do you have if you do not put your health first? At Studio 55/ Function Better, he leads a team of professional physical therapists, certified personal trainers/group fitness instructors as well as licensed massage therapists. Joe takes into account all aspects of the fitness/health industry. You get a complete package at his facilities! I highly recommend Dr.Joseph Martin. He is the best. He will get the job done and focus solely on you to your road to recovery.
-Kerry Daly, Certified Personal Trainer and ZUMBA instructor

"I had the privilege and honor of working for Dr. Martin from 2003 to 2005. I can honestly say the knowledge, skills, and abilities I gained from this experience have allowed me to excel above and beyond the professional and personal goals I had set for myself. From rehabilitation, to reconditioning, to reintegrating his clients back to their optimal level of health and performance Dr. Martin represents the "Gold Standard" in the sports medicine and fitness industry."
-Travis Hyer, CSCS, PTA, RN, Owner "Power-Up! Performance Training"

"I went to Dr. Joe Martin in Nov 2011 after total knee replacement surgery. Joe asked all the important questions and developed a comprehensive Physical Therapy plan for me. Within 6 weeks I gained 95% of my strength and flexibility back. Also, they developed a self workout program for after PT to further aid to my success. I am a gym person so this was real easy for me, but without the help from Dr. Joe and his staff, my results may have been different. Today my knee, I feel, is 100% and I can do mostly anything I want. I owe my success to the Function Better team"
-"Rob Korrie, Patient"

"Dr. Joe - his energetic and charismatic personality make him easy to open up to and HE LISTENS to what you have to say. He takes his medical background to another level and loves to give back what he has learned to overcome a physical disability or what people feel are their limitations. He instantly diagnosed a back injury for a good friend, where her doctor and chiropractor failed, causing months of pain and discomfort. He has helped my family with medical advice and referrals and is always there for me. Joe- has personally trained me to achieve goals I never thought I could run the Boilermaker Road Race and subsequently inspired me to become an instructor where I am privileged to teach Spinning at Function Better/Studio 55 Health and Wellness Center, unlike any other! Joe is the Best! "
-"Eileen Kiosek, 63 years young! Patient, Client, & Colleague"

"Working for Joe has not only been a pleasurable experience, but an educating one as well. The knowledge he has to offer comes from his continued time and dedication to keep himself educated. He has an extreme passion to help people become better- in whatever aspect that may be; and that's an admirable quality. His hard work has surely paid off in creating his extremely successful business-a business that WILL constantly be growing and improving in so many ways! "
-"Kayleigh Murphy, Educator, Instructor"

" Dr. Joe is one of the best Physical Therapists I've worked with. Having had numerous orthopedic injuries/surgeries, I found Dr. Joe's approach and methods to be excellent. He is a very caring individual who always has his client/patient's best interests at heart above all. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology is above reproach, and he uses this knowledge and experience to aid in the healing of his patients. His focus is never only on healing the injury, but rather his approach is that the body, mind and spirit are all connected. I would highly recommend Dr. Joe Martin should you need physical therapy following an injury or surgery."
-"Deb Harlander, Patient"

" I was IN PAIN. After seeing a Chiropractor and my family Doctor, and taking many pain pills….I was still in pain. My Spin Instructor Eileen recommended I see Dr. Martin. Within 3 minutes Dr. Martin knew exactly what was wrong with me. He is a genius. He recommended I have an MRI and see a Neurosurgeon. He was absolutely correct. The MRI confirmed a herniated disc. I subsequently had a microdiscectomy and am very happy to say I'm on the road to recovery. I am now going for physical therapy treatment at Function Better and feel extremely better. Thanks to Dr. Martin's knowledge in diagnosing me and the expert therapists at Function Better, I will soon be able to pick up my grandchildren again and get back to my spin class and dancing. Thank You Dr. Joe! "
-"Judy Kahler, Patient"

"Dr. Joe Martin DPT has always showed great results with patients I have referred to his practice. He gives patients/ clients he serves genuine care and support integrating a holistic approach of individualized therapy with measurable clinical outcomes."
- "Dr. George Markwardt, DNP"

"Dr. Joe is very professional in his work. His patients are his first priority and he goes the extra mile to make sure the services that he provides are above and beyond what his patients/clients ask for."
- "Jennifer Kerr, Administrative Colleague"

"Professional, focused, and concerned about getting results for his clients--- Joe packs a powerful combination of skills that ensures the best outcomes in wellness for those he serves!." - "Carol Altimonte, Director of Development and Communications at The House of the Good Shepherd " "Dr. Joseph Martin of Function Better Physical Therapy has made a tremendous difference in my life. His cutting edge knowledge, techniques and professionalism have made my rehabilitation a wonderful experience. He has helped me surpass all medical expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Martin for any physical therapy concerns one might be experiencing. He delivers "Top-Notch" results."
- "Donna Dellanno, Former Patient "

"I push myself to be the best physician I can be for my patients and my family. I expect the same of my colleagues and healthcare related professions consultants to whom I refer patients and family.
When it comes to physical therapy, the team of Joe Martin, Mike Gus, Kevin Kress and Dan Patterson meet and exceed my expectations. They are the standard of excellence for physical therapy in the Mohawk Valley. I can both personally and professionally attest to this fact. The Function Better team has the highest level of training possible in the profession. They employ state of the art techniques to successfully restore physical function in their patients. Their president, Joe Martin is committed to staying on the cutting edge of their profession constantly bringing new and better techniques and equipment to the patients of the Mohawk Valley. Most importantly he has hired the best team to provide the excellent service he demands to heal patients. I can attest to their excellence both personally and professionally. When my son hurt his back in soccer it was Mike Gus who diagnosed his spinal stress fracture (spondylolysis) and restored him to full recovery and function. When I suspected my daughter having some problems with her knee and leg function in sports, I took her to Function Better for their free assessment that screens young athletes at risk for injury. They were able to find an ACL problem in her left knee related to body mechanics and again, progress her back to successful sports competition in high school. From the experience with my own family, an immediate trust was established that allows me to refer my patients needing physical therapy to Function Better with utmost confidence that they will receive the best possible care available in the area. I have numerous patients now who can also attest the excellent physical therapy they received at Function Better. With Function Better sites located both in New Hartford and Herkimer, there is no reason to leave the valley for physical therapy. We truly have the best of the best in physical therapy right here at home."
-Scott Beattie, MD, Medical Arts OBGYN, PC

" Joe Martin is the quintessential PT, DPT, OCS in this area. I have had the opportunity to treat with several PT services in the area and Joe's Team has been the best at diagnostic, treatment and follow-up. I felt like I was a friend of the family when I treated with him at Function Better - having my best interest at heart. I have also had the opportunity to see Joe at local community events - typically with his family. He has a genuine care for his business, the people he treats, and the community as a whole. If I were starting a new business, he's the type of person I'd love to have on my team."
- Barry G. Depot

"Hey Joe, haven't been in for a while but I would be happy to recommend you. For quite some time, my knees were giving me a lot of pain. Who knew it wasn't my knees but rather my back. Joe did, that's who. After 4-5 sessions the pain was permanently gone. Sure, I avoid some things that contributed to the problem (road running) but replaced it with less pounding excercises. No problems to this day. You rock Joe....thanks!"
- Karl Ermisch, President at Marrone Photography
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